UK based freelance artist/illustrator specialising in hand painted designs for industries including fashion, homewares, publishing and design.

Currently accepting requests for freelance work, artwork commissions and short term contracts.


Latest Works

One True Saxon Shop Paintings + T-shirt Prints

Four paintings commissioned by One True Saxon for their shop in the Lace Market, Nottingham. The dogs tie in nicely with other areas of Saxon's branding like the swing tickets, pocket plasters and their brand new Rufus Statuettes (available at They liked the paintings so much they decided some T-shirt prints were in order.

View the One True Saxon Shop Paintings + T-shirt Prints
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Mini Cooper illustrations for Paul Smith Bags

Celebrating the Paul Smith multi-stripe Mini Cooper, these two illustrations occupy the sides of a limited edition Paul Smith bag.

View the Mini Cooper illustrations for Paul Smith Bags

Summer Sonic Festival

Paul Smith were amongst the official sponsors for the Summer Sonic Festival and they kindly asked me to muster up some festival inspired t-shirt prints. Other merchandise was produced including caps, wrist bands and towels, which can be viewed over on the Paul Smith website.

View the Summer Sonic Festival t-shirt prints
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New One True Saxon Swing Tickets

You may have recently seen the dog paintings I produced for the One True Saxon gang. Well, now you can view these images and see how they scrubbed up as finished items. This lot should be accompanying the Spring / Summer 2007 collection, with the possibility of finding their way onto one or two exciting new future projects. Keep your eyes peeled, interesting things are afoot at OTS this year!

View the New One True Saxon Swing Tickets
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Paul Smith - Red Ear Booklet Illustrations

A project commissioned by Paul Smith for his red ear jeans collection. Twelve drawings were produced for a promotional booklet and matchbox informing customers of the processes involved in manufacturing red ear jeans. The booklets and matchboxes accompanied each pair of red ear jeans sold (2006).

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Currently on Show

I am currently selling work through stores and galleries in Nottinghamshire and Norfolk, if you would like your very own tailor made picture of a subject you feel passionately about then please get in touch.

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News & Updates

Paul Smith Jeans 13/02

Here you go fashion fans, some limited t-shirt prints for Paul Smith Jeans drawn by my good self. They are receiving good press and probably won't stay long on the shelves so snap one (or three) up quickly.

Yorick (Hamlet), Oberon (A Midsummer Night's Dream) and Mercutio (Romeo and Juliet) all get re-interpreted by Paul Smith Jeans (Ewen Brown). These illustrated organic cotton t-shirts depict Yorick, Oberon and Mercutio as a free spirited rockstar entertainer, a madman and a modern day 'boy next door' respectively, giving a contemporary slant on these age-old characters. They come packaged in a re-usable fabric bag decorated with Paul Smith's 'Never Assume' coat of arms along with a screen print of these twisted Shakespearean characters

The limited edition T-Shirts will be available from February 2009 at Paul Smith Jeans Stores; 9-11 Langley Court, WC2E 9JY and 10 Byard Lane, Nottingham, NG1 2GJ.

You can see more recent illustrations for Paul Smith and One True Saxon on my Flickr set.

Dominik Klimowski Exhibition 04/04

A fellow Kingston graduate and friend Dom Klimowski will be exhibiting new works this week in London this month. View the flyer for details of when and where.

Vote Now 12/03

Help make my bank manager happy, my fridge fuller, my mornings hazier... you know what I'm saying, vote for my work on the Saatchi website now.

Cool Hunted 10/03

Last years "To Be Confirmed" tradeshow stand was snapped by the Cool Hunting Crew - take a look and check out the very large caravan pic!

Special Commissions 29/01

I can create very tasteful, interesting, not to mention cool, and highly sort after one-off artworks that make the perfect birthday / anniversary / Mothers Day / you-name-it / gifts.

If you need a space filling on your or someone else's wall/caravan/shed etc, get in touch with me. It's not as costly as you might think and they definitely won't already have one, but definitely need one! Interested? Need to know more? Just get in touch or view these examples.

Ukanvas' Valentine Event 19/01

You can't go wrong with this, ladies pants and my artwork, all under the same roof. For more details view the flyer.

The Galley, Norfolk 14/12

Four new works are now on sale at The galley in Norfolk, a newly created art space, lovingly refurbished by John and Wendy. It's in a very picturesque village, with three pubs... so there's no excuse not to go. Contact John or Wendy on 01692 630088 for more info.

Paul Smith 12/12

Various projects for Paul Smith Jeans and Accessories are weaving their way through looms and print presses as we speak, I will update the site as soon as they hit retail outlets worldwide, in the meantime have a look at some nice pictures I did for them in the Portfolio section.

Ukanvas' 1st Exhibition 01/12

Ukanvas are hosting their first ever exhibition slap bang in the middle of Nottingham, doors will be open daily for one week only starting on the 6th December. Limited edition canvas prints from a wide selection of artists, including me, available at extremely good Christmas prices. For more info visit or view the flyer.

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